Tuesday, 24 August 2010

SVN Commands I Actually Use..

I thought that I should paste in a bunch of SVN commands I actually use on a regular basis, mostly so I don't lose them. Also, perhaps they'll be useful to someone one day..

See which files are changed in my working copy
svn status

See which files would be changed if I were perform an update (I call this 'query update).
svn status -u

Make SVN ignore a directory, such as an output or build directory
First cd to the directory contains the directory you want to ignore..
svn propset svn:ignore directoryToIgnore .

Show the last 5 log entries
svn log -l 5

Perform a commit of all changes in this folder, with a message
svn commit -m 'made app 20% betterer'

Add a file containing an @ symbol.

This is essential when adding hi-res iPhone 4 graphics to an XCode project, as these have the format myImage@2x.png, where the original file was called myImage.png. Essentially just add a @ to the end of the filename

svn add myImage@2x.png@

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