Thursday, 13 January 2011

Screen sharing on Mac OS X Server using VNC

Chicken of the VNC is a free open-source Mac application that allows you to view a remote desktop on another networked machine.

Here's how I set it up on my Mac running 10.6, and our Mac Server (10.6 too).
  • Run Server Admin on your local machine
  • Open up the server you want to connect to
  • Select Firewall.
  • Go to Settings / Services tab
  • If 'Allow traffic only to these ports' is selected we need to add the ports that VNC will use.
  • Click the little + button at the bottom-left of the list of services
  • Add a new service called VNC 1, using port 5800, TCP + UDP
  • Add a second service, VNC 2, using port 5900, TCP + UDP
  • Stop and restart the firewall
  • Download Chicken of the VNC and install it.
  • Run the app
  • Go to Connection / New Connection
  • Enter the IP address or name of your server
  • Leave 'display' as 0 (if you choose 1 you'd have needed to open ports 5801/5901 above for example)
  • Leave 'profile' as 'default profile'
  • Check the 'save server' box.
  • Hit connect.
If all goes well you should have a window pop up displaying the screen of the server.