Thursday, 19 April 2012

Script to automatically create retina and non-retina versions of images

I often get sets of files from graphic designers for iOS apps. Ensuring that the standard and @2x versions of all the files are present and correct is a bit of a pain, for the artist and for myself. The number of times there's been a mispelling in one of the images has been.. well .. many.
Instead I now ask them to send only the retina versions of the images, without the @2x tag in the filename (this has caused confusion).

I then run this script on the whole folder of files, and out pops a folder containing all the files properly renamed and resized. I use the incredible useful 'sips' command-line application that comes with OSX.

The fiddly bit of this script was working out the new size of non-retina images. Yes, they're half the size, but sips doesn't support percentages.
Credit to (person on who I'll find eventually) for the neat sed command to extract the pixel size from the output of sips.
Note: clearly the file extension part can be done better. But it works for me right now.

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